Thank-you Thundershirt from Buster and myself

We had some wild weather here last night in NE Victoria, and Buster our JRT x Mini Foxie wasn’t the least bit happy about it.

So out came the Thundershirt!                        It reduced his stress level from about 500% (give or take a bit – No exaggeration – really), down to a manageable level, and allowed me to be able to cook tea without having a dog try to clamber up my leg, seriously this dog puts his arms around my legs and has a good crack at it, he may just have some Monkey in him.

We have used the Thundershirt on him for a couple of years now; it has been a real sanity saver not only for him but for us as well.

This Thundershirt has also been used on Charli our female JRT x Australian Terrier, she has a problem with visitors, especially if you’re Male, wear a Hat and/or are wearing a fluoro workers vest, so tradesmen really don’t stand a chance with her.

So when we know someone is coming that fits any or all of the criteria, we pop on her Thundershirt and instantly she is a calm gentle little dog, no one would ever know that she is a ferocious tiger in disguise – Thank-you again to the makers of the Thundershirt.

So with more wild weather due as the seasons change, I guess we will be giving this wonderful product a real workout, then we can maintain a calmer Jack Russell Terrier in our home – I can get more work done, not that i mind any interruption or excuse to stop work and cuddle my dogs.