August is Dog Dental Care Month

Dog Dental Care ProductsWe all know that when our teeth feel good we feel so much better, but did you know that our canine friends are no different? looking after your pets teeth can save you money, and unnecessary surgery and discomfort for your furry mate and that is very important. Dog Dental Care is one of the biggest expenses you might incur, so a little bit of prevention can save you a lot of Money and your Dog a lot of pain.

At D4DOGZ we recommend a few simple steps that we can all take to maintain our furry friends oral health.

These are just some of the steps we have performed with our own dogs.

How you can improve Dog Dental Care

  • Chewing will help remove plaque and any build up on your dogs teeth
  • Start your dog off on nice chunky bones, pick ones that wont splinter/break away and if you are worried about them putting on weight you can remove any marrow before giving to them.
  • If you intend on brushing your dogs teeth (and we suggest you do), it is best to get them use to a brush, so as a puppy pop your finger into their mouth and rub around their gums. Do this as a playful game at first and remember don’t force the issue.
  • Once your pup is comfortable with you feeling inside their mouth, pop one of the finger brushes on your finger and rub around their teeth and gums (Hint to get the brush to fit snugly pop in warm water first so it will mould around your finger)
  • You can then (if you prefer) move onto a toothbrush, there are some different styles but we think the best are the ones that have the angled bristles so with one swipe you brush the top and sides of their teeth.
  • We always give our dogs a treat each morning one that will need some work, for the little ones this can vary between a Goat Tendon, Kangaroo tendon, piece of beef jerky, bully stick or the new Zukes Z-Bones in a mini size among many other dog treats they love. Our Labrador needs something a bit larger so she gets either a Roo sheet, Giant Zukes, Beef Tendon or the new shark skin we are trialing. (Note: Zukes is No Longer Available).

Solutions to Dental problems in dogs

So you have rescued a precious pooch and they come not only with some sweet little quirks but a mouth that only a mother could love! – It’s OK read on.

If you have a dog that has got plaque or tartar build up already then a product called Petzlife or Vetzlife can assist in the removal of bacteria in their mouth.

These Dog Dental Care products are 100% natural and have been so popular with our clients, being simple to use and starting from $29 a bottle for the Petzlife product, which lasts 3 months or 6 months for a preventative, this makes it a worthwhile investment if you consider the cost of dental surgery.

Petzlife and Vetzlife are simple to use and you can see results in a 10 days to 2 weeks if used in accordance to the instructions.