Wooly Fun | Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made in Nepal

All new Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made from Wool sourced from NZ and hand made in Nepal.

These toys are durable and brightly coloured; they have been dyed with all natural chemical free, human grade vegetable dyes which are AZO free, non-carcinogen, colour fast, and completely safe for your pooch.

These are the most Eco-Friendly Dog Toys on the Planet.

The Wooly Fun Dog Toys are Eco-healthy because they clean your dogs teeth and healthy, exercise their jaws are durable and safe; they are Eco-smart as they contain no chemicals, made from renewable resources and use an Eco-friendly manufacturing process, now that is great news for the planet and your dog.

The range is awesome including Balls, Bones, Rings and Tugs, all available in different sizes to suit many breeds.

The Tug pictured above is fun for multiple dogs, can be thrown easily for fetch games as well, comes in 2 size’s small is 20.5cm and large is 28cm. The Wooly Fun Tug is available in Green (pictured), Magenta and Orange.

The Wooly Fun Ring can be used as a toss and fetch toy, and again comes in 2 Sizes Small 12.5cm and Large 18cm, also available in the 3 colour options.

Wooly Fun Bone is great as a teeth cleaner and the Small 11.5cm is ideal for the little pooches, medium is 16.5cm and large is 21.5cm again all available in the 3 colour options as per the Tug.

Lastly the Wooly Fun Ball, now what dogs doesn’t like a ball?, same great colours as above, and 3 different sizes to choose from; Small 5cm, Medium 7cm (similar size to tennis ball), and Large 9cm, we gave our Labrador the Large and she loved it.

Don’t worry about the slobber either, just chuck it in the washing machine in a bag and air dry.



Rogz Cowboyz | Not just an ordinary Dog Toy

Rogz never fails to deliver on their Toys.

The new awesome Cowboyz are super cool, the combination of Rope and Canvas makes them a versatile dog toy.

Available in 3 sizes and some nice bright colours.

Whats fabulous about the Rogz Cowboyz is they are not just a great toss & Fetch toy, they help clean your dogs teeth keeping them healthy.

The rope head is a ball shape knot, and the flappy legs and ears are made from canvas, a squeaker has been sewn into one of the legs and embroidered googly eyes just add more interest to this Pawsome dog toy.

The Rogz Cowboyz were made to promote a hunting-style exhuberance, just image your dogs delight as you hurl it through the air for them to catch, fetch and bring back to you. They may just pick it up and flick it from side to side cause dogs love to do that!

Don’t worry they are easy to toss just hold onto the fabric legs and the weight of the rope head will get you some distance as you hurl the toy into the air.

So weather your dogs loves to fetch, or prefers a shake toy, has a liking to squeakers or really enjoys a good chew toy, you will be hard pressed to find a more multipurpose dog toy than the Cowboyz from Rogz.