Wooly Fun | Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made in Nepal

All new Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made from Wool sourced from NZ and hand made in Nepal.

These toys are durable and brightly coloured; they have been dyed with all natural chemical free, human grade vegetable dyes which are AZO free, non-carcinogen, colour fast, and completely safe for your pooch.

These are the most Eco-Friendly Dog Toys on the Planet.

The Wooly Fun Dog Toys are Eco-healthy because they clean your dogs teeth and healthy, exercise their jaws are durable and safe; they are Eco-smart as they contain no chemicals, made from renewable resources and use an Eco-friendly manufacturing process, now that is great news for the planet and your dog.

The range is awesome including Balls, Bones, Rings and Tugs, all available in different sizes to suit many breeds.

The Tug pictured above is fun for multiple dogs, can be thrown easily for fetch games as well, comes in 2 size’s small is 20.5cm and large is 28cm. The Wooly Fun Tug is available in Green (pictured), Magenta and Orange.

The Wooly Fun Ring can be used as a toss and fetch toy, and again comes in 2 Sizes Small 12.5cm and Large 18cm, also available in the 3 colour options.

Wooly Fun Bone is great as a teeth cleaner and the Small 11.5cm is ideal for the little pooches, medium is 16.5cm and large is 21.5cm again all available in the 3 colour options as per the Tug.

Lastly the Wooly Fun Ball, now what dogs doesn’t like a ball?, same great colours as above, and 3 different sizes to choose from; Small 5cm, Medium 7cm (similar size to tennis ball), and Large 9cm, we gave our Labrador the Large and she loved it.

Don’t worry about the slobber either, just chuck it in the washing machine in a bag and air dry.



Rogz Cowboyz | Not just an ordinary Dog Toy

Rogz never fails to deliver on their Toys.

The new awesome Cowboyz are super cool, the combination of Rope and Canvas makes them a versatile dog toy.

Available in 3 sizes and some nice bright colours.

Whats fabulous about the Rogz Cowboyz is they are not just a great toss & Fetch toy, they help clean your dogs teeth keeping them healthy.

The rope head is a ball shape knot, and the flappy legs and ears are made from canvas, a squeaker has been sewn into one of the legs and embroidered googly eyes just add more interest to this Pawsome dog toy.

The Rogz Cowboyz were made to promote a hunting-style exhuberance, just image your dogs delight as you hurl it through the air for them to catch, fetch and bring back to you. They may just pick it up and flick it from side to side cause dogs love to do that!

Don’t worry they are easy to toss just hold onto the fabric legs and the weight of the rope head will get you some distance as you hurl the toy into the air.

So weather your dogs loves to fetch, or prefers a shake toy, has a liking to squeakers or really enjoys a good chew toy, you will be hard pressed to find a more multipurpose dog toy than the Cowboyz from Rogz.


New Tastybone Dog Chews Now available

D4DOGZ is proud to be stocking the new TASTYBONE dog chew.

The only dog chew that has the flavour right thru, these are not merely coated, they are impregnated with natural flavour the whole way so the flavour goes on and on and on.

TASTYBONE is the UK’s No.1 manufacturer of Nylon, edible and rubber chew, and play toys for dogs.
Designed and made in the UK, they are stocked and recommended by vets worldwide.

With 6 Varieties you are sure to find a suitable one for your dog.

Tastybone Flexi Range, was designed for light to medium chewers, great for teething puppies, this dog chew is chicken flavoured.

Tastybone Gourmet edible Range, suitable for light chewers, full on flavour and just the best chew if your want to really spoil your dog, perhaps for a Birthday! Four fabulous flavours to choose from Duck, Pheasant, Stilton, and Venison Yummo.

TastyBone Mega, The big daddy of the dog chews, a massive sized bone designed for giant breed dogs, this thing weighs over 700g, two delicious flavours Beef or Chicken to choose from. Should stump the strongest Chewers.

Tastybone Nylon Range, these dog chews are available in three sizes to suit toys to large breed dogs, choose between Beef, Chicken or Lamb flavours. and again the flavour just goes on and on and on until the very end of the dog chew toy.

Tastybone Rubber Trio, Not just a Vanilla flavoured Chew, this one is bouncy, with the odd shape it will produce an erratic bouncing motion when thrown to the ground. Two dog products in one, you just got to love that!

An lastly The Tastybone Trio Bone Chicken Flavoured, a dog chew with unique nubs for dental care, the design same as the Rubber Trio bone, will encourage your dog to chew on this toy to promote good dental hygiene.

Happy 8th Birthday Buster

Happy 8th Birthday to our first little man. Buster

You have given us so much joy, many, many laughs, a few heartaches & stress! BUT most of all an inspiration to start the very best online dog supply store in Australia.

You certainly took us by surprise in those first few weeks!

But you taught us so much about owning a tenacious little terrier.

We love you.

Being the very reason we started our online dog supply store , we would like to thank-you for all the antics – Oh there has been many! The love – the love every minute of the day! & the Reason – The reason we love our online store.

You have tried and tested many dog toys for us, the ones you destroyed in seconds we decided weren’t worthy to be a part of our Dog Toy catalogue! although you had fun shredding those dog toys to bits and then testing our Dyson Vac to it’s very limits.

Buster you have helped us choose many of the dog treats we now stock at D4DOGZ, we know you love the Calf Tails, Roo Tendons & lamb ears dog treats, which you seem to savour every mouthful.

We love the Hamish McBeth Dog Collar you wear so much that after 4 years we bought you another one slightly different colour BUT Still the same style, you look so dam handsome we didn’t’ want to change.

We know you love love your ROGZ dog bed, you look so comfy in it, even when we call you up to our really soft & luxurious lounge for a cuddle you just lift your head and go ….mmm it ain’t worth the move … loving my position right now!…

We could go on Buster…. BUT we love you!. You have changed our life THANK-YOU .. Love from Mum, Dad and all the team at D4DOGZ

High Viz – A new concept in Dog Toys


Did you know that dogs can see only two colours of the colour spectrum?
Dogs do not see colour the way us humans do. Dogs can only view two colours of the visual spectrum, Blue-violet and yellow.
This is due to the fact that dogs’ eyes possess less than one-tenth the concentration of cone cells than that of humans.

That is right, your four legged friend has trouble identifying objects (and dog toys) that are any colour outside of blues and yellows.
Just imagine if you couldn’t properly see YOUR favourite form of entertainment!

Why the concept of High Viz dog toys

In order to make life a little easier and little more fun for our four legged friends a range of High Viz dog toys were developed. High Viz features technology based on proven science to revolutionize the way in which dogs play with their toys. Designed specifically for the canine eye through vivid colour palettes and high-contrast patterns, High Viz toys are super fun and easily identifiable for your four-legged friend!

Now available at D4DOGZ is a range of High Viz dog toys.

The Astro Ball – It’s no wonder why they named this dog toy the Astro Ball.
The unique football shape with fin design allows it to soar through the air with ease. Once it lands, its unique shape and design allow it to bounce, wobble, and roll unpredictably.

The Whale Torpedo dog toy – (sometimes called the Shark Torpedo) features a large soft head with big eyes and a toothy smile. High contrast overlapping circular patterns are used throughout the fins and body to provide maximum visibility. The unique design is a cross between a ball and a stick which makes it easy to throw and retrieve. A nylon rope tail (on the large) & neoprene tail (on the small) enables users to easily pick up this dog toy with minimal slobber, and also makes it great for tug-of-war! Neoprene construction allows it to float in water for outdoor play at the pool, river, lake, or beach

This is just two of the dog toys in the High Viz range of 8 available at D4DOGZ. Pricing is from $9.95 to $13.50, so these dog toys are real value for money.

Please note these Dog toys have been discontinued and no longer available


Xmas Dog Toys

christmas dog toysWe still have a few excellent dog toys for Christmas, so don’t forget your precious pooch next Sunday. The xmas dog toys are all reduced and still time to order before Christmas.

What about a cute gingerbread man, we recon he is a super cute dog toy and an ideal Xmas gift,  he is wearing a cheeky short red sweater, and has a soft golden brown fabric, he has a squeaker now your dog will love that and is approx 20cm, ideal for smaller dogs and puppies.

Fuzzyard has a special edition Xmas flea dog toy it is made from the the finest quality non-toxic plush, this dog toy can be machine washed which is always a bonus, it has floppy limbs and a squeaker of course.
He’s called Scratchy the happy holiday flea and has even got a cute Santa hat and antlers. And as a bonus this year if you spend over $100.00 we’ll even give you one of these Xmas dog toys!

Or what about an adorable little reindeer dog toy, he is such a cute little fellow he’d make a great little Xmas gift for a new puppy.
He has floppy little legs and little xmas hat and scarf, this sweet little dog toy also has a little squeaker in his belly. at approx 23cm high makes the ideal puppy gift.

We have a few hats and stockings left, so grab a bargain dog toy for Xmas or buy for next year and save money.

Things To Remember When Buying Dog Products

dog accessoriesAt D4DOGZ, we believe that every dog deserves the best and as dog owners, it’s our responsibility to provide everything that our dogs will ever need. Fortunately, for dog lovers this responsibility never seems like work, because we’re overjoyed to give only the best to our beloved canine friends.

However, knowing how to check for superior quality dog products is a different story.  You might want to give your dog the best, but what if you do not know what to look for? To help you, here is a list of things that you need to check when buying dog products:

Dog grooming supplies

For products that are applied to your dog’s skin, it is important that you select only grooming products designed for dogs. This is important because your dog’s skin has a different pH to humans and will be sensitive and become irritated by chemicals found in soaps, shampoos and conditioners mad for us. And as a general rule, you shouldn’t consider cleansing products designed for humans to be appropriate for your dog.

Dog treats

For premium quality dog treats, look for products labelled ‘dehydrated’ and are 100% natural with nothing added. This is important for your dog’s health. The chemicals and preservatives found in inferior quality dog treats can have a long-term detrimental effect on your dog’s well-being. Choosing dehydrated and 100% natural dog treats is especially important for puppies and pregnant dogs.

Quality dog products

Basic dog products like grooming tools, leashes, bowls and toys should always be durable – that is, well-constructed from quality material. Check each item carefully, and consider its weight and how it feels. For example, a strong dog can easily break a poor quality leash so it is important to choose dog products that are of superior quality.

When you choosing the best dog products, you usually end up with a higher price tag. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you consider that a higher quality dog product will give you better results and last longer than an item that is cheaply made.

At D4DOGZ we own 3 dogs and they are fortunate enough to test dog products we sell before we stock them, they don’t mind at all.

Dog toys to help the environment

water bottle dog toyThere is some great dog toys on the market that can help us reduce our rubbish and at the same time occupy active dogs, at D4DOGZ we are always excited if we can find a dog toy that is both fun for the dogs and great for the environment.

The Water bottle Buddies are an excellent idea, they make good use of empty water or cool drink bottles, simply wash the used container and insert into the bottom of this dog toy.  A Velcro enclosure will keep the empty bottle inside the plush cover.

Dog just love the sound empty bottles make as they chew and play with this top little dog toy, for extra fun try adding some small treats or dry food inside the bottle to make a rattling sound and watch your pooch get excited.

When the bottle is chewed to bits or too flat, just pop another clean, dry bottle up to approx 600ml size inside, and you’ll have a happy dog.

In summer you can put water in a capped bottle and freeze, this will help your dog to stay cool in the hot weather, now that’s a versatile dog toy!

The water bottle buddy dog toy currently is available in two styles, a cute yellow dog and a brown cow they are both a little over 30cm long, so are a good sized dog toy for smaller breeds. The insides of this dog toy are lined with a tough fabric for extra durability.

So if you are looking for a dog toy to amuse your pooch and at the same time would like to be environmentally aware, we think we have a great option for you! They make a great idea as a Xmas present as well.

Essential Dog Supplies for the Responsible Owner

dog shampoo and conditionerCaring for a dog is a responsibility, and a very enjoyable and rewarding one at that. Ensuring the welfare of your furry friend is made easier by having the right dog supplies. We have listed below some of the basic necessities that you should have on hand as a responsible dog owner:

Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming tools and products are essential items that any dog owner should have. These will ensure that your dog is clean and that their fur coat is healthy and beautiful. For short haired dogs, a good bristle-brush and nail-clippers may be enough. For long haired canines, you’ll need more grooming tools like a dematting comb and trimming shears.

Dog bathing Supplies

Depending on the breed of dog that you own, bathing may need to be done as frequently as twice a month to once a month or less. When bathing, you should fore-go shampoo made for humans, as this may be too harsh. Instead, buy a shampoo and conditioner developed especially to care for your dog’s coat and skin, at D4DOGZ we even have dog shampoo for smelly pooches.

Dog Treats

Your dog will agree with us here – quality dog treats are a high priority. Avoid cheap dog treats found at the $2 shops, these are more than likely imported, therefore irradiated, instead choose Australian dried or even better Dehydrated dog treats. Our dog treats are all packaged to avoid any contaminants coming into contact with them, thus ensuring your dog is getting the very best just as they deserve.

Dog Toys

Dogs need entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation as much as people do. Dog toys divert your dog’s attention and energy, and are also useful as rewards during dog training. And for those days when you’re not feeling as energetic as your dog, then having toys on hand benefits the both of you.

You may well want to go beyond basic dog supplies, especially if you’re the type who loves to spoil your pooch. Designer dog clothes, dog accessories, and stylish matching dog collars and dog bowls are just some of the wonderful products we stock at D4DOGZ. Please look around our online store, and we are sure you’ll find plenty of dog supplies that you and your dog will love.

Arachnoid Dog Toy

The latest dog toy to be tested in our home by our beloved ‘Buster’ is the very impressive Arachnoid dog toy.

We took Buster into D4DOGZ on Saturday morning to meet one of our new employees and after inspecting then approving her, he had a couple of dog treats and was allowed to choose a new dog toy.

I picked out a toy that played some animal sounds when rolled around but Buster was not overly taken by it, he then noticed the Arachnoid dog toy and gestured to me that he wanted to take a closer look by tapping it with his nose, sitting down, then looking at me and back at the toy. I knew he liked the look of this one.

We had quite a few yellow and orange but only a couple of the green Arachnoid dog toys So I picked up the yellow and as I took the toy up to the counter Buster climbed into the shelf to ge the Green Arachnoid dog toy – so Iam guessing we are going to be buying the Green one now.

Buster has played with this dog toy non-stop for the last week, he was so funny the other night he wouldn’t eat his tea until I got the toy and sat it next to his bowl. I think this is the fastest he has ever eaten just so he could get back to playing.

The Arachnoid dog toy is a medium sized ball at approx 11cm, the webbed design that encases the odd shape is easy for smaller dogs to pick up. It has a squeak and is suitable for play inside and out.

It even won first place at the Global pet expo for ‘Best in show award’ in 2010, which I think Buster would totally agree with.

arachnoid dog toy