Leather Dog Collars

dog collar and leashDeciding between the different styles of dog collars to purchase for your pet can be confusing. As you look at all the options available you can easily become overwhelmed at the variety, at D4DOGZ we can help you decide what type and colour is ideal for your dog.

Wide Leather Dog Collar – Perfect for handling Large Breed dogs and active dogs. We stock dog collars from Rogue Royalty which are of the highest standard, made of premium grade bridle leather and sporting stainless steel fittings. These collars are fashionable yet functional.

Rolled Dog Collar – These are great for dogs who have coats that tend to matt or get tangles, they are great for long-haired dogs in that they keep the hair from lying flat against the coat. They are a stylish dog collar and the brand we like is Weaver which are made in the US from heavy steer hides and solid brass buckles.

Soft Leather Collars – Dogue have the highest quality and softest leather dog collars with either studs or Swarovski crystals adorning them, we have chosen the Foxy dog collar for one of our own dogs ‘Charli’ as they last so well yet very comfortable.

Hamish McBeth Dog Collars – Are made using vegetable dyes to colour the leather, which are low allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your dog. These dog collars are incredible tough our dog ‘Buster’ is still wearing his after 3 1/2 years, they have a versatile middle ‘D’ ring to attach a Dog Leash to leaving the buckle for the Dog ID Tag.

Plain Leather Dog Collars – If you are simply looking for a practical solution to your dogs needs, then a plain dog collar is ideal, available in an assortment of colours including the basic Black, Red & Pink for the girls.

Dog Clothing on sale now.

At D4DOGZ we are clearing out all the excess winter dog clothing at heavily reduced pricing.

Grab a bargain on Dog Jackets, coats, pyjamas, jumpers and more. We have a minimum 30% off so take advantage and stock up for next winter.

Dog Jackets

We have styles from Puppia & Louis Dog on sale, some less than half price, the Puppia range of dog jackets have removable hoods and sizes to suit larger dogs, something most brands don’t cater for.

Dog Coats

If your looking for a top little coat for your pampered pooch, then look no further than the Pawsome styles available from D4DOGZ from $10.50 for a snugly pola fleece dog coat, to the gorgeous Coco Wool coat in a grey/black floral print from $30.80. We also have some Driza-Bone Dog coats left in the classic & Patterned styles.

Dog Pyjamas

Cosy and warm dog Pyjamas from Hamish McBeth, in 4 different colours, these have been a huge success this year, both online and in our store. They are great for dogs with larger chests as they are very roomy, most of our clients had said they would wear them all day as they were too nice just for night time, priced from around $20.00 these will go quick as limited sizes are left.

Dog Sweaters

Many great colours and styles still left and priced from $13.95, the pure wool Dog jumpers are particularly great for boys as they are cut further back so no mess when going to the toilet and they also have a lead hole in the rolled neck.

The Dog Clothing sale extends to our designer range of dog coats and jackets as well, with 30% off rrp until stocks last. Luxury Italian leather jackets, Silk dresses suitable if your pooch is attending your wedding, a Audrey Hepburn inspired trench coat and dog coats Lady Gaga style.

Arachnoid Dog Toy

The latest dog toy to be tested in our home by our beloved ‘Buster’ is the very impressive Arachnoid dog toy.

We took Buster into D4DOGZ on Saturday morning to meet one of our new employees and after inspecting then approving her, he had a couple of dog treats and was allowed to choose a new dog toy.

I picked out a toy that played some animal sounds when rolled around but Buster was not overly taken by it, he then noticed the Arachnoid dog toy and gestured to me that he wanted to take a closer look by tapping it with his nose, sitting down, then looking at me and back at the toy. I knew he liked the look of this one.

We had quite a few yellow and orange but only a couple of the green Arachnoid dog toys So I picked up the yellow and as I took the toy up to the counter Buster climbed into the shelf to ge the Green Arachnoid dog toy – so Iam guessing we are going to be buying the Green one now.

Buster has played with this dog toy non-stop for the last week, he was so funny the other night he wouldn’t eat his tea until I got the toy and sat it next to his bowl. I think this is the fastest he has ever eaten just so he could get back to playing.

The Arachnoid dog toy is a medium sized ball at approx 11cm, the webbed design that encases the odd shape is easy for smaller dogs to pick up. It has a squeak and is suitable for play inside and out.

It even won first place at the Global pet expo for ‘Best in show award’ in 2010, which I think Buster would totally agree with.

arachnoid dog toy

Premium Lamb Puff Dog Treats

Treats play a big role in doggy life. They’re incorporated into training programs, as special bonding moments, or as a pick-me-up for a dog feeling under the weather. The only trouble is that deciding which treat food you’re buying, off a shelf overflowing with choice, can be a difficult one.

An option that we highly recommend is Premium Lamb Puff. It beats criteria across the board for nutrition, stomach sensitivity, and purity of ingredients. Best of all, this dog treat comes from healthy, well-kept lambs.

The high protein content helps with growing muscles, and doesn’t contain fattening carbs, making it great for puppies and chubby dogs. It is rich in iron for muscle energy, for those with really active dogs. The high zinc content bolsters the immune system, and B group vitamins enable general good health. B vitamins also encourage an appetite for a dog who is stressed or feeling poorly.

Most dog treats contain additives and preservatives, not to mention a lot of filler supplementing the main meat ingredient advertised. Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell, so offering a higher quality treat generates a keener interest from your dog. Premium Lamb Puff Dehydrated is made of 100% human grade lamb from free-range and naturally fed herds that are raised on Australian pastureland.

Another benefit of this dog treat is that it is mild and light on the digestive system, making it suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies or skin conditions. It is free of artificial colourings, preservatives and additives.

The dehydration process keeps the lamb savoury and flavourful, the dehydration process does not allow fat to dry out so the dog treat is virtually fat free. What your dog gets is a lean, almost fat-free delicacy that tastes terrific and is healthy to boot. Order online today for Premium Lamb Puff treats to be delivered to your door.

Using Dog Toys for Fun and Training

Dog toys can be an entertaining diversion for your canine friend. They can also be very useful when training your dog. It’s commonplace to reward a dog’s obedience during a training session with food treats, but giving only food rewards should be avoided because this can result in your dog obeying only in the presence of food.

Therefore, you should have some variety in your dog’s training rewards. Toys make a good alternative for food treats. However, choosing the right dog toy will depend on the personality of your dog and the type of training they are receiving. To give you an idea, here is a list of some of the most popular types of dog toys:

Throw Toys

Throw toys such as tennis balls and frisbees are perfect for the most basic form of dog training there is: “go fetch”. They allow you and your dog to share exercise and quality time together, while getting your dog used to obeying simple commands. A great warmup for more advanced types of training.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed dog toys are a classic choice. They come in many shapes, sizes and colours, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your dog’s fancy. For training purposes, use dog toys that are chew-resistant, durable, and easy to wash.

Talking Toys

Talking toys adds a level of interaction that most dogs love. It makes them curious and it holds their attention wonderfully well. Getting to play with a talking dog toy can be a great incentive to motivate your dog to obey your commands.

Puzzle Toys

These dog toys provide simple problems which your dog can solve. More intelligent breeds of dog respond to puzzles very well. They are less useful during most training sessions as they require your dog to stop and think, but can be appropriate reward for afterwards.

Dog Jackets: Function before Fashion

Imagine yourself strolling through a pet store looking for things your dog might need. You pick up some nutritious dog foods, choose some toys for exercise and entertainment, make sure you don’t forget a grooming  brush and a bottle of dog shampoo – but then you pass straight through the clothing section because you think a dog jacket is unnecessary.

The sad truth is that many dog owners still think of dog jackets as mere accessories with no real use. Well, they are wrong. Dog jackets have two primary uses, function and fashion, and of the two, function is a much greater concern to responsible dog carers.

That’s right, dog jackets are most often worn for warmth. Different dogs were bred over time to suit their native climates, which is why breeds originating from colder regions have thicker coats. An Alaskan malamute will be fine in any Australian winter, however, short haired dogs might not fare so well. Dogs with thinner coats will definitely be grateful for a jacket to keep them warm during winter months.

In other cases, dog jackets may be worn for protection. For example, long haired dogs can catch dirt and dust in their coats, but dog jackets help prevent this. They can also protect curious dogs from scratches when exploring forested areas, or thin-haired dogs from sunburn on hot days.

It’s true that dog jackets are still associated predominantly with fashion over function. Though in our experience helping concerned owners find the right jacket to warm or protect their pooches, this is not always the case in reality. But saying that – at D4DOGZ we love dog fashion and think that a dog jacket is a great investment in both style and practicality.

We have jackets for dogs of all sizes; in a range of materials such as leather, silk, and wool; and by designers such as Doggles and Louisdog. Browse our online selection today to find the perfect jacket for your furry friend!

This Picture shows the practibility of our famous Oilskin coats as one of our customers models so beautifully.

Dog Coats

As the chills of winter are upon us, now is the time to get out our warm woollies, but don’t forget about your precious dog as well, they will be feeling the cold just as much as us. At D4DOGZ we stock a large range of dog coats, dog jackets and jumpers for dogs.

Our practical oilskin dog coats with adjustable Velcro at the neck and two straps under the dogs belly is one of our best sellers, the straps cross over which helps prevent the dog coat from slipping around, sizing ranges from 25cm to 75cm, smaller and larger sizes can be ordered on request, this style also available in a red tartan and a blue tartan although we only stock these up to 55cm. We think the best feature is that they are made in Australia.

If you’re looking for a dog jumper the Hamish McBeth pure wool sweaters are a great option, they have a higher neck, hole for your dogs lead and are particularly good for male dogs as they don’t completely cover under the belly which makes going to the toilet more pleasant. Acrylic dog jumpers are also an option to keep your dog cosy and warm, with ribbed cuffs and neckline this easy care machine washable option is great for those on a budget.

Our new fashion dog coats for winter 2011 are suited to the most discerning of customers they’re beautiful, cosy and warm, to suit both male and female dogs. These dog coats are fully lined with up to 90% of wool on one of the styles. They have been designed to fit a larger range of dogs due to the Velcro fasteners around the neck and body, the dog coats fit dachshunds as well. We have already sold a lot of these dog coats, so to avoid disappointment order your dog one today.

Driza-bone dog coats are always popular, they help keep your dog dry and warm in style, we currently have limited stock, two options are available the classic and a patterned dog coat for the dog who likes to be noticed.

Nina Ottosson Dog Twister Dog Toy

How to keep you and your dog entertained!

Does your dog find ordinary dog toys tedious? Do they get fed up because all they can do is chew, squeak or roll their toy around? Or do they work out how to get the treats out in 2 seconds flat?

D4DOGZ has the answer for you! The fantastic Nina Ottosson Dog Twister dog toy will keep you entertained and your dog coming back for more.

Like many dog owners you have encountered a problem that can be hard to fix. Dog’s are like children, they need to be entertained or have your full attention to be happy. And we all just want our pooches to be happy.

This fantastic dog toy will keep your dog guessing with all of its secret compartments and it makes treat time fun. This is a fantastic dog toy for you and your dog to use together. The first time you and your pooch sit down to use this dog toy you need to put a treat in every compartment, and have some so that the dog can see some of the treats. Each round of ‘dog twister’ that you and your dog enjoy together can be made harder and more interesting just by putting in less treats or ‘locking’ some of the compartments. This is a sure-fire way for you to get your dog interested in this dog toy. There are just so many possibilities.

This dog toy is also a fantastic way to teach your dog some simple, yet effective, commands, such as sit, stay, OK etc. This can make a whole variety of encounters more pleasant, like dinner time, or meeting a new dog or human friend.

The Nina Ottosson range of dogs toys consists of several different styles, ranging in dificculty levels, the Dog Twister is rated 2-3 on a scale of 1 to 3, Once you get one you’ll want to try more.

Dog Toys – What You Think You Know, But You Really Don’t!

My Dog Has 5 Toys But He Still Eats My Shoes – Help!”

If you’ve gone out and bought some random dog toys, only to discover that your pooch still prefers your $200.00 pair of Doc Martens, then you’ve just encountered a common problem all owners face at some point.

We forget that dogs need to be stimulated mentally and emotionally by their dog toys, just as much as we need to be with sports, entertainment or interests. But all dogs are different. I recommended a squeaky bone to a friend of mine who owned a pug once, and the poor thing was terrified of the noise it made. Epic dog toy fail!

You need to keep the personality of your dog in mind when choosing dog toys. If like our dog Shadow (the lab), you dog loves to fetch things – get them a dog toy that will enhance their playtime. Balls usually do the trick, though it’s never a bad idea to buy one that won’t disintegrate after two chews like tennis balls do!

If your dog is still chewing your shoes, it means one of two things. Either a) they aren’t interested in the dog toys they have, so they turn their attention elsewhere, or b) they’re naturally naughty and chew everything – toys, shoes, tables, clothing, handbags…

If you have a Jack Russell, you’ll understand. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about b), but a) you can definitely change. If you can’t nail down what your pooch wants, then buy a range of dog toys for them to try, and see which one gets the best response.

The love between a dog and its favourite toy is always easy to spot. They carry it around with them, sleep with them, bury them, dig them up – hide them in your couch cushions covered in dirt – it’s a beautiful thing really. And that’s what you want to target! The right dog toys will keep you dog entertained for hours, and then it all becomes worth it.

Good luck on your grand toy hunt!

What Dog Supplies Do I Need To Keep My Dog Clean (And Shiny!)

“Now That’s One Good Looking Pooch”

We’re often asked what dog supplies we use to keep our dogs looking as happy and as healthy as they do. It can be a HUGE shock, when you first get your new pup – only to discover that their needs are about the same as yours are! We all love our dogs to bits, which is why a few essential dog supplies and a lot of TLC goes a long way to keeping their tails wagging (and knocking things off counters of course).

Here are a few tips on what your dog needs to look pawsome!

An All-In-One Dog Grooming Kit

Really, these kits are like the Great Dane of all dog supplies – they’re big – and rightly so! Not only do you save money because you don’t have to buy a million and one separate grooming items, but they also come in a carry case so you won’t lose them as easily. (Dismiss this last statement if you have a Labrador that likes to carry things off and bury them in the garden!)

Your basic dog supplies kit should come with a brush that gently removes tangles and loose hair, a metal comb for thorough brushing, a rake for bad matted areas, mud and debris – and a multi-blade stripper which is really just a souped up version of the rake, for super long coats.
Grooming Kits are sold out now.

The Bits and Bobs

It’s also a good idea to get some decent, pet friendly shampoo and conditioner (we use Aloveen, for its Oatmeal dermacare), and a strong, sturdy pair of nail clippers. Either that or be prepared to suffer the wrath of torn couches, bedding and legs. Finally, the last of the dog supplies should be a few dog shammies. Wet dog is not quite as cute when they escape into your house and jump on your clean sheets!

Take it from us, you need each one of these dog supplies to keep your pooches smiling, wagging and otherwise behaving like the lovable miscreants they are!