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  • Rogz RFO Frisbee Pink Rogz RFO Frisbee Pink

Rogz RFO Frisbee Pink 230mm

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R.F.O. Stands for Rogz flying object - Gorgeous new Bright PINK
Check out the intergalactic features of this awesome Dog Frisbee

STEADY FLIGHT - The holes make this Frisbee for dogs glide through the air
The unique design of this Dog Frisbee with revolutionary space holes piercing the wingspan has been an aerodynamic breakthrough for humankind! And all the Dogkinds Love it.
The holes also serve as a tracking device to ensure that the RFO flies in a steady flight path, the envy of any airline pilot. (Just kidding we thought that was funny)

EASY PICK UP - for pups and senior dogs
The Space holes also make this Dog Frisbee the easiest in the galaxy to pick up - even older dogs with stiff joints and false teeth. Seriously In fact it's such an easy pick up, there have been some objections made by various obscure morality groups. (Us being Funny again)

SOFT CATCH - Easy on the mouth
The RFO has been constructed with one part bath sponge + one part bubble gum to create a material that's perfectly comfortable for mouth catching without knocking out your canine's canines.

FLOTATION - IT floats on water!
Guess what? Bubble gum floats and so does our RFO. The difference is that dogs do not like to chase big blobs of bubblegum and it's also quite awkward to throw, so rather use an RFO for your game of aqua-fetch.

DURABLE - It is stronger than it looks
Since some dogs have a bite bigger than their bark, we've also added one part car tyre to the material mix, making sure the RFO stands the test of time.

FUNKY LOOK - This is true
You simply need to throw an RFO to a friend and see the alien expression on their face as they catch it, to know that it's totally different and has plenty of Rogzilleration

Sizing Information of the new Pink Rogz RFO
23cm Diameter

It's time to send your dog into orbit with the Rogz Flying Object (RFO).
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