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  • Premium Beef Liver Thin Dehydrated Premium Beef Liver Thin Dehydrated

Premium Beef Liver Thin Dehydrated

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100% Australian Premium Beef Liver Dog Treat
Australian cattle are predominantly pasture-fed, producing beef that is leaner and containing healthier types of fat including Omega 3.

Australian Beef is a natural multi vitamin & an important source of.
Protein, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Folate and Niacin

Half the fatty acids found in beef are monounsaturated fats the same fats found in products like olive oil and are considered heart healthy

Benefits of D4DOGZ Premium Beef Liver dog treats
• Protein in Beef keeps your dog Energized
• Supports your dogs everyday functions by producing hormones and enzymes
• Good Health
• Essential to the immune system
• Fight disease
• Healing wounds
• Gives energy
• Essential to normal growth & development
• Appetite control
• Supports healthy skin eyes & vision

This Dog Treat is Dehydrated

D4DOGZ Premium Beef Liver Dog Treats are 100% Australian.
This Dog Treat is dehydrated only and contains no added chemicals flavours or preservatives.

Why dehydrated Dog Treats are better?
100% human grade Beef that has been dehydrated using refrigeration to extract moisture from the product inside a hermitically sealed chamber.
This unique process allows the Beef to be produced using NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURINGS, PRESERVATIVES or ADDITIVES, while locking in the colour and flavour
The manufacturing dehydration process does not allow it deal with fat (fat never dries out) so all of our products are virtually fat free.
Ideal for training puppies.
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