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  • Petzlife Oral Care Spray 113.4g Petzlife Oral Care Spray 113.4g
  • Petzlife Oral Care Spray 113.4g Petzlife Oral Care Spray 113.4g

Petzlife Oral Care Spray 113.4g

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PetzLife is the best oral car product for dogs
Solve 4 Oral Problems in dogs with one bottle, from Australia's best Petzlife supplier.

PetzLife Oral Care Spray - is specially formulated to:
• Eliminate Plaque
• Remove Tartar
• Reverse Gum Disease
• Freshen Breath
• And all with the ease of a spray


Veterinarian Recommended and best of all NO BRUSHING REQUIRED

Why use PetzLife on your dogs teeth?
PetzLife Oral Care is a complete, all-natural solution to your dog's oral care needs.
It is GUARANTEED to break down plaque and tartar, work under the gum line to help heal gum tissue, and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Dogs also love the Peppermint flavour

PetzLife Directions
To remove build-up:
Apply PetzLife twice daily until plaque and tartar has dissolved. (Noticeable results in 30 days) Results may vary.

As a preventative:
Apply PetzLife 2-3 times per week (can be used daily)

So whether you're pet has bad tartar build-up, has red inflamed gums, or just plain old stinky breath.... PetzLife is your solution!

Not sure which to use, gel or Spray? Both work well it just depends on your comfort level in working with your dog, use the spray if you don't feel as comfortable in placing your finger in your dogs mouth.

Full Instructions and tips for use and how much to use on packaging

Due to the Australian dollar this product has had a price increase

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