Keeping your Dog cool in Summer.

dog bandannaDogs need to stay cool in hot weather.

D4DOGZ has a great dog product to help you with this – the Outward Hound Cooling Bandanna for your dog.

You can keep your dog cool for several hours just by soaking the Outward Hound Cool-It Bandanna for about 20 minutes.

Dogs get dehydrated just like we do in hot weather, so keep your dog healthy and safe with a cooling bandanna from D4DOGZ.

Its the stylish way to keep your dog cool! Made with nontoxic polymer crystals that absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours, to get the cooling bandanna cooler pop them in the fridge for an hour or two.
They have a long Velcro closure, to ensure an adjustable fit for your dog. The cooling bandanna’s are edged with reflective tape for visibility, not that your dog will be going too far in this hot weather.  Being reusable and hand washable, the cooling bandanna for dogs make a great option to help you cool your precious pooch this summer.
The Cooling bandanna’s are available in 3 sizes to fit most dogs, small suitable for chihuahuas, Medium we use on JRT, Maltese and Scotties etc, and large we use on our Labrador Shadow.

We also use one of those Shells for our dogs that are made for kids, you know the ones you can use for either water or sand!, we fill it up with clean water each morning so our dogs can pop themselves in whenever they feel hot, they often just use it as a super large dog water bowl.

Please whatever you do DON’T leave your dog inside a car in this heat, if you plan on just popping down to the shops for a minute and thought your dog would rather come with you, than be left at home in the cool of your house, think twice either leave your dog home or take them out of the car whilst you pop into the shop, some really nice shop owners may even let you bring your dog in.

Edited July 2014 – The Cooling bandana’s have been discontinued.

Xmas Dog Toys

christmas dog toysWe still have a few excellent dog toys for Christmas, so don’t forget your precious pooch next Sunday. The xmas dog toys are all reduced and still time to order before Christmas.

What about a cute gingerbread man, we recon he is a super cute dog toy and an ideal Xmas gift,  he is wearing a cheeky short red sweater, and has a soft golden brown fabric, he has a squeaker now your dog will love that and is approx 20cm, ideal for smaller dogs and puppies.

Fuzzyard has a special edition Xmas flea dog toy it is made from the the finest quality non-toxic plush, this dog toy can be machine washed which is always a bonus, it has floppy limbs and a squeaker of course.
He’s called Scratchy the happy holiday flea and has even got a cute Santa hat and antlers. And as a bonus this year if you spend over $100.00 we’ll even give you one of these Xmas dog toys!

Or what about an adorable little reindeer dog toy, he is such a cute little fellow he’d make a great little Xmas gift for a new puppy.
He has floppy little legs and little xmas hat and scarf, this sweet little dog toy also has a little squeaker in his belly. at approx 23cm high makes the ideal puppy gift.

We have a few hats and stockings left, so grab a bargain dog toy for Xmas or buy for next year and save money.

Dog Names for Male Puppies

Are you looking for ideas to name your male puppy?

Below we have some ideas for your next male puppy!

  1. Max
  2. Tyrone
  3. Rocky
  4. Apollo
  5. Milo
  6. Ruffles
  7. Dino
  8. Remo
  9. Chesty
  10. Randy

If you have any other male puppy names/suggestions, please feel free to add a comment below and we will gladly publish them.

female puppy name

Dog Names for Female Puppies

Are you looking for ideas to name your female puppy?

Below we have some ideas for your next female puppy!

  1. Sandy
  2. Rusty
  3. Tippi
  4. Chloe
  5. Chelsey
  6. Ruffles
  7. Maggie
  8. Kitty
  9. Mindy
  10. Lillian

If you have any other female puppy names/suggestions, please feel free to add a comment below and we will gladly publish them.

female puppy name

Things To Remember When Buying Dog Products

dog accessoriesAt D4DOGZ, we believe that every dog deserves the best and as dog owners, it’s our responsibility to provide everything that our dogs will ever need. Fortunately, for dog lovers this responsibility never seems like work, because we’re overjoyed to give only the best to our beloved canine friends.

However, knowing how to check for superior quality dog products is a different story.  You might want to give your dog the best, but what if you do not know what to look for? To help you, here is a list of things that you need to check when buying dog products:

Dog grooming supplies

For products that are applied to your dog’s skin, it is important that you select only grooming products designed for dogs. This is important because your dog’s skin has a different pH to humans and will be sensitive and become irritated by chemicals found in soaps, shampoos and conditioners mad for us. And as a general rule, you shouldn’t consider cleansing products designed for humans to be appropriate for your dog.

Dog treats

For premium quality dog treats, look for products labelled ‘dehydrated’ and are 100% natural with nothing added. This is important for your dog’s health. The chemicals and preservatives found in inferior quality dog treats can have a long-term detrimental effect on your dog’s well-being. Choosing dehydrated and 100% natural dog treats is especially important for puppies and pregnant dogs.

Quality dog products

Basic dog products like grooming tools, leashes, bowls and toys should always be durable – that is, well-constructed from quality material. Check each item carefully, and consider its weight and how it feels. For example, a strong dog can easily break a poor quality leash so it is important to choose dog products that are of superior quality.

When you choosing the best dog products, you usually end up with a higher price tag. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you consider that a higher quality dog product will give you better results and last longer than an item that is cheaply made.

At D4DOGZ we own 3 dogs and they are fortunate enough to test dog products we sell before we stock them, they don’t mind at all.

Dog toys to help the environment

water bottle dog toyThere is some great dog toys on the market that can help us reduce our rubbish and at the same time occupy active dogs, at D4DOGZ we are always excited if we can find a dog toy that is both fun for the dogs and great for the environment.

The Water bottle Buddies are an excellent idea, they make good use of empty water or cool drink bottles, simply wash the used container and insert into the bottom of this dog toy.  A Velcro enclosure will keep the empty bottle inside the plush cover.

Dog just love the sound empty bottles make as they chew and play with this top little dog toy, for extra fun try adding some small treats or dry food inside the bottle to make a rattling sound and watch your pooch get excited.

When the bottle is chewed to bits or too flat, just pop another clean, dry bottle up to approx 600ml size inside, and you’ll have a happy dog.

In summer you can put water in a capped bottle and freeze, this will help your dog to stay cool in the hot weather, now that’s a versatile dog toy!

The water bottle buddy dog toy currently is available in two styles, a cute yellow dog and a brown cow they are both a little over 30cm long, so are a good sized dog toy for smaller breeds. The insides of this dog toy are lined with a tough fabric for extra durability.

So if you are looking for a dog toy to amuse your pooch and at the same time would like to be environmentally aware, we think we have a great option for you! They make a great idea as a Xmas present as well.

Kangaroo Dog treats

kangaroo jerky dog treatDog treats made from Kangaroo are lean and very nutritious, dogs love the rich taste of the meat which is high in protein and low in fat.

Kangaroo tails are particularly good as a longer tasting dog treat with plenty of meat & bones that are shaped well for helping to keep their teeth cleaned, recommend for feeding outside or an area inside that can be cleaned easily, these dog treats are longer lasting and are dried not cooked.

Kangaroo jerky dog treats are a favourite with our customers, currently we have three varieties available. Kangaroo jerky bites that are dried in a human grade processor, these are 100% meat and of exceptional quality, so you can be confident your beloved dog is getting the very best you can buy in roo dog treats. A chunky jerky dog treat which is very chewy and will last longer, these are also dried and are the cheaper alternative. Lastly we have a Premium dehydrated kangaroo jerky which are the top of the range dog treat, these are higher in nutritional value are crunchier than our other varieties, dehydrated meat helps to retain the same enzyme and nutritional value as fresh meat.

Chewy kangaroo sticks in small and large sizes, great dog treat for dogs teeth, a harder treat so dogs need to chew, small kangaroo sticks are approx 16cm long and large are approx 23cm long.

New in-store are crunchy dog biscuits with real kangaroo meat, which is also of human grade, available in 100g bags and a really good crunchy dog treat.

Kangaroo dog treats are considered a hypoallergenic meat source and therefore are great for dogs with allergies or as an alternative protein source also a good source of Iron and Zinc, Additionally it has up to 5 times the level of omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats.

Essential Dog Supplies for the Responsible Owner

dog shampoo and conditionerCaring for a dog is a responsibility, and a very enjoyable and rewarding one at that. Ensuring the welfare of your furry friend is made easier by having the right dog supplies. We have listed below some of the basic necessities that you should have on hand as a responsible dog owner:

Dog Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming tools and products are essential items that any dog owner should have. These will ensure that your dog is clean and that their fur coat is healthy and beautiful. For short haired dogs, a good bristle-brush and nail-clippers may be enough. For long haired canines, you’ll need more grooming tools like a dematting comb and trimming shears.

Dog bathing Supplies

Depending on the breed of dog that you own, bathing may need to be done as frequently as twice a month to once a month or less. When bathing, you should fore-go shampoo made for humans, as this may be too harsh. Instead, buy a shampoo and conditioner developed especially to care for your dog’s coat and skin, at D4DOGZ we even have dog shampoo for smelly pooches.

Dog Treats

Your dog will agree with us here – quality dog treats are a high priority. Avoid cheap dog treats found at the $2 shops, these are more than likely imported, therefore irradiated, instead choose Australian dried or even better Dehydrated dog treats. Our dog treats are all packaged to avoid any contaminants coming into contact with them, thus ensuring your dog is getting the very best just as they deserve.

Dog Toys

Dogs need entertainment, exercise and mental stimulation as much as people do. Dog toys divert your dog’s attention and energy, and are also useful as rewards during dog training. And for those days when you’re not feeling as energetic as your dog, then having toys on hand benefits the both of you.

You may well want to go beyond basic dog supplies, especially if you’re the type who loves to spoil your pooch. Designer dog clothes, dog accessories, and stylish matching dog collars and dog bowls are just some of the wonderful products we stock at D4DOGZ. Please look around our online store, and we are sure you’ll find plenty of dog supplies that you and your dog will love.

Leather Dog Collars

dog collar and leashDeciding between the different styles of dog collars to purchase for your pet can be confusing. As you look at all the options available you can easily become overwhelmed at the variety, at D4DOGZ we can help you decide what type and colour is ideal for your dog.

Wide Leather Dog Collar – Perfect for handling Large Breed dogs and active dogs. We stock dog collars from Rogue Royalty which are of the highest standard, made of premium grade bridle leather and sporting stainless steel fittings. These collars are fashionable yet functional.

Rolled Dog Collar – These are great for dogs who have coats that tend to matt or get tangles, they are great for long-haired dogs in that they keep the hair from lying flat against the coat. They are a stylish dog collar and the brand we like is Weaver which are made in the US from heavy steer hides and solid brass buckles.

Soft Leather Collars – Dogue have the highest quality and softest leather dog collars with either studs or Swarovski crystals adorning them, we have chosen the Foxy dog collar for one of our own dogs ‘Charli’ as they last so well yet very comfortable.

Hamish McBeth Dog Collars – Are made using vegetable dyes to colour the leather, which are low allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your dog. These dog collars are incredible tough our dog ‘Buster’ is still wearing his after 3 1/2 years, they have a versatile middle ‘D’ ring to attach a Dog Leash to leaving the buckle for the Dog ID Tag.

Plain Leather Dog Collars – If you are simply looking for a practical solution to your dogs needs, then a plain dog collar is ideal, available in an assortment of colours including the basic Black, Red & Pink for the girls.

Dog Clothing on sale now.

At D4DOGZ we are clearing out all the excess winter dog clothing at heavily reduced pricing.

Grab a bargain on Dog Jackets, coats, pyjamas, jumpers and more. We have a minimum 30% off so take advantage and stock up for next winter.

Dog Jackets

We have styles from Puppia & Louis Dog on sale, some less than half price, the Puppia range of dog jackets have removable hoods and sizes to suit larger dogs, something most brands don’t cater for.

Dog Coats

If your looking for a top little coat for your pampered pooch, then look no further than the Pawsome styles available from D4DOGZ from $10.50 for a snugly pola fleece dog coat, to the gorgeous Coco Wool coat in a grey/black floral print from $30.80. We also have some Driza-Bone Dog coats left in the classic & Patterned styles.

Dog Pyjamas

Cosy and warm dog Pyjamas from Hamish McBeth, in 4 different colours, these have been a huge success this year, both online and in our store. They are great for dogs with larger chests as they are very roomy, most of our clients had said they would wear them all day as they were too nice just for night time, priced from around $20.00 these will go quick as limited sizes are left.

Dog Sweaters

Many great colours and styles still left and priced from $13.95, the pure wool Dog jumpers are particularly great for boys as they are cut further back so no mess when going to the toilet and they also have a lead hole in the rolled neck.

The Dog Clothing sale extends to our designer range of dog coats and jackets as well, with 30% off rrp until stocks last. Luxury Italian leather jackets, Silk dresses suitable if your pooch is attending your wedding, a Audrey Hepburn inspired trench coat and dog coats Lady Gaga style.