High Viz – A new concept in Dog Toys


Did you know that dogs can see only two colours of the colour spectrum?
Dogs do not see colour the way us humans do. Dogs can only view two colours of the visual spectrum, Blue-violet and yellow.
This is due to the fact that dogs’ eyes possess less than one-tenth the concentration of cone cells than that of humans.

That is right, your four legged friend has trouble identifying objects (and dog toys) that are any colour outside of blues and yellows.
Just imagine if you couldn’t properly see YOUR favourite form of entertainment!

Why the concept of High Viz dog toys

In order to make life a little easier and little more fun for our four legged friends a range of High Viz dog toys were developed. High Viz features technology based on proven science to revolutionize the way in which dogs play with their toys. Designed specifically for the canine eye through vivid colour palettes and high-contrast patterns, High Viz toys are super fun and easily identifiable for your four-legged friend!

Now available at D4DOGZ is a range of High Viz dog toys.

The Astro Ball – It’s no wonder why they named this dog toy the Astro Ball.
The unique football shape with fin design allows it to soar through the air with ease. Once it lands, its unique shape and design allow it to bounce, wobble, and roll unpredictably.

The Whale Torpedo dog toy – (sometimes called the Shark Torpedo) features a large soft head with big eyes and a toothy smile. High contrast overlapping circular patterns are used throughout the fins and body to provide maximum visibility. The unique design is a cross between a ball and a stick which makes it easy to throw and retrieve. A nylon rope tail (on the large) & neoprene tail (on the small) enables users to easily pick up this dog toy with minimal slobber, and also makes it great for tug-of-war! Neoprene construction allows it to float in water for outdoor play at the pool, river, lake, or beach

This is just two of the dog toys in the High Viz range of 8 available at D4DOGZ. Pricing is from $9.95 to $13.50, so these dog toys are real value for money.

Please note these Dog toys have been discontinued and no longer available