Dog Toys – What You Think You Know, But You Really Don’t!

My Dog Has 5 Toys But He Still Eats My Shoes – Help!”

If you’ve gone out and bought some random dog toys, only to discover that your pooch still prefers your $200.00 pair of Doc Martens, then you’ve just encountered a common problem all owners face at some point.

We forget that dogs need to be stimulated mentally and emotionally by their dog toys, just as much as we need to be with sports, entertainment or interests. But all dogs are different. I recommended a squeaky bone to a friend of mine who owned a pug once, and the poor thing was terrified of the noise it made. Epic dog toy fail!

You need to keep the personality of your dog in mind when choosing dog toys. If like our dog Shadow (the lab), you dog loves to fetch things – get them a dog toy that will enhance their playtime. Balls usually do the trick, though it’s never a bad idea to buy one that won’t disintegrate after two chews like tennis balls do!

If your dog is still chewing your shoes, it means one of two things. Either a) they aren’t interested in the dog toys they have, so they turn their attention elsewhere, or b) they’re naturally naughty and chew everything – toys, shoes, tables, clothing, handbags…

If you have a Jack Russell, you’ll understand. Unfortunately there’s not much you can do about b), but a) you can definitely change. If you can’t nail down what your pooch wants, then buy a range of dog toys for them to try, and see which one gets the best response.

The love between a dog and its favourite toy is always easy to spot. They carry it around with them, sleep with them, bury them, dig them up – hide them in your couch cushions covered in dirt – it’s a beautiful thing really. And that’s what you want to target! The right dog toys will keep you dog entertained for hours, and then it all becomes worth it.

Good luck on your grand toy hunt!