What Dog Supplies Do I Need To Keep My Dog Clean (And Shiny!)

“Now That’s One Good Looking Pooch”

We’re often asked what dog supplies we use to keep our dogs looking as happy and as healthy as they do. It can be a HUGE shock, when you first get your new pup – only to discover that their needs are about the same as yours are! We all love our dogs to bits, which is why a few essential dog supplies and a lot of TLC goes a long way to keeping their tails wagging (and knocking things off counters of course).

Here are a few tips on what your dog needs to look pawsome!

An All-In-One Dog Grooming Kit

Really, these kits are like the Great Dane of all dog supplies – they’re big – and rightly so! Not only do you save money because you don’t have to buy a million and one separate grooming items, but they also come in a carry case so you won’t lose them as easily. (Dismiss this last statement if you have a Labrador that likes to carry things off and bury them in the garden!)

Your basic dog supplies kit should come with a brush that gently removes tangles and loose hair, a metal comb for thorough brushing, a rake for bad matted areas, mud and debris – and a multi-blade stripper which is really just a souped up version of the rake, for super long coats.
Grooming Kits are sold out now.

The Bits and Bobs

It’s also a good idea to get some decent, pet friendly shampoo and conditioner (we use Aloveen, for its Oatmeal dermacare), and a strong, sturdy pair of nail clippers. Either that or be prepared to suffer the wrath of torn couches, bedding and legs. Finally, the last of the dog supplies should be a few dog shammies. Wet dog is not quite as cute when they escape into your house and jump on your clean sheets!

Take it from us, you need each one of these dog supplies to keep your pooches smiling, wagging and otherwise behaving like the lovable miscreants they are!