Invincibles Dog Toy

Wow what a Fantastic Dog Toy

We bought a few of the new Invincibles dog toy in to try out as we always do before we decide to stock any dog toy and what a winner!

We took one home last week, we chose the green with 6 Squeaks, they are available in either red or green and in either 3 or 6 squeak styles. All our dogs love them so we are going to get them each one now.

It’s quite funny when we are outside with the dogs, ‘Charli’ the youngest and not a real dog toy lover, will just sit at the back door looking at the Invincible snake, she even whines a little its very cute. When we say OK we are going back inside there is a rush to the door to get to the toy first.

Last night Shadow our black lab had a fabulous time playing, squeaking and tossing this Dog Toy, it was a real test to get a good photo that wasn’t blurry!

This is no ordinary Dog Toy, the squeakers are a first of a kind – They are able to keep squeaking even after being punctured by your Dogs teeth now how good is that!

No stuffing means no mess that’s something we love at our place, the Invincible Dog Toy even has a little rattle in the tail for a bit more fun, but our dogs really just love the squeak.

After Shadow and Charli had their fix it was Buster’s turn, he played for a while then went to sleep on it just so the others couldn’t get to it, which is not unusual as he will sleep in the toy box to keep the other two from getting to all their Dog Toys.

Find the Invincibles Dog Toy Here