Dog Jackets: Function before Fashion

Imagine yourself strolling through a pet store looking for things your dog might need. You pick up some nutritious dog foods, choose some toys for exercise and entertainment, make sure you don’t forget a grooming  brush and a bottle of dog shampoo – but then you pass straight through the clothing section because you think a dog jacket is unnecessary.

The sad truth is that many dog owners still think of dog jackets as mere accessories with no real use. Well, they are wrong. Dog jackets have two primary uses, function and fashion, and of the two, function is a much greater concern to responsible dog carers.

That’s right, dog jackets are most often worn for warmth. Different dogs were bred over time to suit their native climates, which is why breeds originating from colder regions have thicker coats. An Alaskan malamute will be fine in any Australian winter, however, short haired dogs might not fare so well. Dogs with thinner coats will definitely be grateful for a jacket to keep them warm during winter months.

In other cases, dog jackets may be worn for protection. For example, long haired dogs can catch dirt and dust in their coats, but dog jackets help prevent this. They can also protect curious dogs from scratches when exploring forested areas, or thin-haired dogs from sunburn on hot days.

It’s true that dog jackets are still associated predominantly with fashion over function. Though in our experience helping concerned owners find the right jacket to warm or protect their pooches, this is not always the case in reality. But saying that – at D4DOGZ we love dog fashion and think that a dog jacket is a great investment in both style and practicality.

We have jackets for dogs of all sizes; in a range of materials such as leather, silk, and wool; and by designers such as Doggles and Louisdog. Browse our online selection today to find the perfect jacket for your furry friend!

This Picture shows the practibility of our famous Oilskin coats as one of our customers models so beautifully.