Arachnoid Dog Toy

The latest dog toy to be tested in our home by our beloved ‘Buster’ is the very impressive Arachnoid dog toy.

We took Buster into D4DOGZ on Saturday morning to meet one of our new employees and after inspecting then approving her, he had a couple of dog treats and was allowed to choose a new dog toy.

I picked out a toy that played some animal sounds when rolled around but Buster was not overly taken by it, he then noticed the Arachnoid dog toy and gestured to me that he wanted to take a closer look by tapping it with his nose, sitting down, then looking at me and back at the toy. I knew he liked the look of this one.

We had quite a few yellow and orange but only a couple of the green Arachnoid dog toys So I picked up the yellow and as I took the toy up to the counter Buster climbed into the shelf to ge the Green Arachnoid dog toy – so Iam guessing we are going to be buying the Green one now.

Buster has played with this dog toy non-stop for the last week, he was so funny the other night he wouldn’t eat his tea until I got the toy and sat it next to his bowl. I think this is the fastest he has ever eaten just so he could get back to playing.

The Arachnoid dog toy is a medium sized ball at approx 11cm, the webbed design that encases the odd shape is easy for smaller dogs to pick up. It has a squeak and is suitable for play inside and out.

It even won first place at the Global pet expo for ‘Best in show award’ in 2010, which I think Buster would totally agree with.

arachnoid dog toy