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Dog Shoes & Socks

Dog shoes, boots and socks help protect your dog’s paws from hot pavements and cold snow, while saving your nice clean floors from mud, water and scratches. D4DOGZ supplies dog footwear for going to rocky areas on beaches, for going to the snow, and for fashion. Whatever your reason for needing dog footwear supplies, we can assist you.
Dog shoes and boots help prevent your dog’s feet from being hurt by broken glass or other sharp objects you may encounter on your walks. Dog footwear can also protect your dog’s paws from wounds caused by dragging paws and paw injuries. Plus they are great investment for boat owners – no more scratches from dog nails!
Dog socks are popular for people who have polished floor boards, as they appear to help reduce damage to the floor boards. At the same time, they help prevent your dog from sliding all over the floor.