Keeping your Dog cool in Summer.

dog bandannaDogs need to stay cool in hot weather.

D4DOGZ has a great dog product to help you with this – the Outward Hound Cooling Bandanna for your dog.

You can keep your dog cool for several hours just by soaking the Outward Hound Cool-It Bandanna for about 20 minutes.

Dogs get dehydrated just like we do in hot weather, so keep your dog healthy and safe with a cooling bandanna from D4DOGZ.

Its the stylish way to keep your dog cool! Made with nontoxic polymer crystals that absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours, to get the cooling bandanna cooler pop them in the fridge for an hour or two.
They have a long Velcro closure, to ensure an adjustable fit for your dog. The cooling bandanna’s are edged with reflective tape for visibility, not that your dog will be going too far in this hot weather.  Being reusable and hand washable, the cooling bandanna for dogs make a great option to help you cool your precious pooch this summer.
The Cooling bandanna’s are available in 3 sizes to fit most dogs, small suitable for chihuahuas, Medium we use on JRT, Maltese and Scotties etc, and large we use on our Labrador Shadow.

We also use one of those Shells for our dogs that are made for kids, you know the ones you can use for either water or sand!, we fill it up with clean water each morning so our dogs can pop themselves in whenever they feel hot, they often just use it as a super large dog water bowl.

Please whatever you do DON’T leave your dog inside a car in this heat, if you plan on just popping down to the shops for a minute and thought your dog would rather come with you, than be left at home in the cool of your house, think twice either leave your dog home or take them out of the car whilst you pop into the shop, some really nice shop owners may even let you bring your dog in.

Edited July 2014 – The Cooling bandana’s have been discontinued.

Leather Dog Collars

dog collar and leashDeciding between the different styles of dog collars to purchase for your pet can be confusing. As you look at all the options available you can easily become overwhelmed at the variety, at D4DOGZ we can help you decide what type and colour is ideal for your dog.

Wide Leather Dog Collar – Perfect for handling Large Breed dogs and active dogs. We stock dog collars from Rogue Royalty which are of the highest standard, made of premium grade bridle leather and sporting stainless steel fittings. These collars are fashionable yet functional.

Rolled Dog Collar – These are great for dogs who have coats that tend to matt or get tangles, they are great for long-haired dogs in that they keep the hair from lying flat against the coat. They are a stylish dog collar and the brand we like is Weaver which are made in the US from heavy steer hides and solid brass buckles.

Soft Leather Collars – Dogue have the highest quality and softest leather dog collars with either studs or Swarovski crystals adorning them, we have chosen the Foxy dog collar for one of our own dogs ‘Charli’ as they last so well yet very comfortable.

Hamish McBeth Dog Collars – Are made using vegetable dyes to colour the leather, which are low allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your dog. These dog collars are incredible tough our dog ‘Buster’ is still wearing his after 3 1/2 years, they have a versatile middle ‘D’ ring to attach a Dog Leash to leaving the buckle for the Dog ID Tag.

Plain Leather Dog Collars – If you are simply looking for a practical solution to your dogs needs, then a plain dog collar is ideal, available in an assortment of colours including the basic Black, Red & Pink for the girls.