Winter dog clothing sale starts now

Its that time of year again! We have reduced the price on most of our winter dog coats & Jackets.

Its time to grab a bargain before they all disappear, prices start at $14.00 for a Driza-bone dog coat! Now that’s got to help the budget.

We have only just started winter and it is getting pretty chilly around Australia now. So a Dog Coat can help keep your precious Pooch cosy & warm especially on early morning walks.

At D4DOGZ we have many different styles of Dog Coats, from the basic Oilskin type made right here in Victoria, to super fancy Dog Jackets for the Diva.

One of my favourites is the Coco Wool dog coat this style is fabulous for dogs of all shapes & sizes, we have sold Dachshund owners this dog coat and it fits really well. I love the colour it has a 60% wool shell & 90% wool lining, so it is nice and warm.

We have a very limited amount of Puppia dog Jackets left in stock, these have hoods and one style the hood can be removed when not needed, colours of Pink & Black to suit both male & Female dogs, they are heavily reduced so great bargains to be had.

If you are looking for a really practical dog coats then you can’t go past our Oilskin coats with adjustable cross over straps under the belly and a Velcro adjustable strap at the neck, you can get a nice fit.

So with discounts of up to 80%, you can’t go wrong with D4DOGZ’s Dog Coats & Jackets this winter. Buy now

Dog Clothing on sale now.

At D4DOGZ we are clearing out all the excess winter dog clothing at heavily reduced pricing.

Grab a bargain on Dog Jackets, coats, pyjamas, jumpers and more. We have a minimum 30% off so take advantage and stock up for next winter.

Dog Jackets

We have styles from Puppia & Louis Dog on sale, some less than half price, the Puppia range of dog jackets have removable hoods and sizes to suit larger dogs, something most brands don’t cater for.

Dog Coats

If your looking for a top little coat for your pampered pooch, then look no further than the Pawsome styles available from D4DOGZ from $10.50 for a snugly pola fleece dog coat, to the gorgeous Coco Wool coat in a grey/black floral print from $30.80. We also have some Driza-Bone Dog coats left in the classic & Patterned styles.

Dog Pyjamas

Cosy and warm dog Pyjamas from Hamish McBeth, in 4 different colours, these have been a huge success this year, both online and in our store. They are great for dogs with larger chests as they are very roomy, most of our clients had said they would wear them all day as they were too nice just for night time, priced from around $20.00 these will go quick as limited sizes are left.

Dog Sweaters

Many great colours and styles still left and priced from $13.95, the pure wool Dog jumpers are particularly great for boys as they are cut further back so no mess when going to the toilet and they also have a lead hole in the rolled neck.

The Dog Clothing sale extends to our designer range of dog coats and jackets as well, with 30% off rrp until stocks last. Luxury Italian leather jackets, Silk dresses suitable if your pooch is attending your wedding, a Audrey Hepburn inspired trench coat and dog coats Lady Gaga style.

Dog Jackets: Function before Fashion

Imagine yourself strolling through a pet store looking for things your dog might need. You pick up some nutritious dog foods, choose some toys for exercise and entertainment, make sure you don’t forget a grooming  brush and a bottle of dog shampoo – but then you pass straight through the clothing section because you think a dog jacket is unnecessary.

The sad truth is that many dog owners still think of dog jackets as mere accessories with no real use. Well, they are wrong. Dog jackets have two primary uses, function and fashion, and of the two, function is a much greater concern to responsible dog carers.

That’s right, dog jackets are most often worn for warmth. Different dogs were bred over time to suit their native climates, which is why breeds originating from colder regions have thicker coats. An Alaskan malamute will be fine in any Australian winter, however, short haired dogs might not fare so well. Dogs with thinner coats will definitely be grateful for a jacket to keep them warm during winter months.

In other cases, dog jackets may be worn for protection. For example, long haired dogs can catch dirt and dust in their coats, but dog jackets help prevent this. They can also protect curious dogs from scratches when exploring forested areas, or thin-haired dogs from sunburn on hot days.

It’s true that dog jackets are still associated predominantly with fashion over function. Though in our experience helping concerned owners find the right jacket to warm or protect their pooches, this is not always the case in reality. But saying that – at D4DOGZ we love dog fashion and think that a dog jacket is a great investment in both style and practicality.

We have jackets for dogs of all sizes; in a range of materials such as leather, silk, and wool; and by designers such as Doggles and Louisdog. Browse our online selection today to find the perfect jacket for your furry friend!

This Picture shows the practibility of our famous Oilskin coats as one of our customers models so beautifully.

Dog Coats

As the chills of winter are upon us, now is the time to get out our warm woollies, but don’t forget about your precious dog as well, they will be feeling the cold just as much as us. At D4DOGZ we stock a large range of dog coats, dog jackets and jumpers for dogs.

Our practical oilskin dog coats with adjustable Velcro at the neck and two straps under the dogs belly is one of our best sellers, the straps cross over which helps prevent the dog coat from slipping around, sizing ranges from 25cm to 75cm, smaller and larger sizes can be ordered on request, this style also available in a red tartan and a blue tartan although we only stock these up to 55cm. We think the best feature is that they are made in Australia.

If you’re looking for a dog jumper the Hamish McBeth pure wool sweaters are a great option, they have a higher neck, hole for your dogs lead and are particularly good for male dogs as they don’t completely cover under the belly which makes going to the toilet more pleasant. Acrylic dog jumpers are also an option to keep your dog cosy and warm, with ribbed cuffs and neckline this easy care machine washable option is great for those on a budget.

Our new fashion dog coats for winter 2011 are suited to the most discerning of customers they’re beautiful, cosy and warm, to suit both male and female dogs. These dog coats are fully lined with up to 90% of wool on one of the styles. They have been designed to fit a larger range of dogs due to the Velcro fasteners around the neck and body, the dog coats fit dachshunds as well. We have already sold a lot of these dog coats, so to avoid disappointment order your dog one today.

Driza-bone dog coats are always popular, they help keep your dog dry and warm in style, we currently have limited stock, two options are available the classic and a patterned dog coat for the dog who likes to be noticed.