August is Dog Dental Care Month

Dog Dental Care ProductsWe all know that when our teeth feel good we feel so much better, but did you know that our canine friends are no different? looking after your pets teeth can save you money, and unnecessary surgery and discomfort for your furry mate and that is very important. Dog Dental Care is one of the biggest expenses you might incur, so a little bit of prevention can save you a lot of Money and your Dog a lot of pain.

At D4DOGZ we recommend a few simple steps that we can all take to maintain our furry friends oral health.

These are just some of the steps we have performed with our own dogs.

How you can improve Dog Dental Care

  • Chewing will help remove plaque and any build up on your dogs teeth
  • Start your dog off on nice chunky bones, pick ones that wont splinter/break away and if you are worried about them putting on weight you can remove any marrow before giving to them.
  • If you intend on brushing your dogs teeth (and we suggest you do), it is best to get them use to a brush, so as a puppy pop your finger into their mouth and rub around their gums. Do this as a playful game at first and remember don’t force the issue.
  • Once your pup is comfortable with you feeling inside their mouth, pop one of the finger brushes on your finger and rub around their teeth and gums (Hint to get the brush to fit snugly pop in warm water first so it will mould around your finger)
  • You can then (if you prefer) move onto a toothbrush, there are some different styles but we think the best are the ones that have the angled bristles so with one swipe you brush the top and sides of their teeth.
  • We always give our dogs a treat each morning one that will need some work, for the little ones this can vary between a Goat Tendon, Kangaroo tendon, piece of beef jerky, bully stick or the new Zukes Z-Bones in a mini size among many other dog treats they love. Our Labrador needs something a bit larger so she gets either a Roo sheet, Giant Zukes, Beef Tendon or the new shark skin we are trialing. (Note: Zukes is No Longer Available).

Solutions to Dental problems in dogs

So you have rescued a precious pooch and they come not only with some sweet little quirks but a mouth that only a mother could love! – It’s OK read on.

If you have a dog that has got plaque or tartar build up already then a product called Petzlife or Vetzlife can assist in the removal of bacteria in their mouth.

These Dog Dental Care products are 100% natural and have been so popular with our clients, being simple to use and starting from $29 a bottle for the Petzlife product, which lasts 3 months or 6 months for a preventative, this makes it a worthwhile investment if you consider the cost of dental surgery.

Petzlife and Vetzlife are simple to use and you can see results in a 10 days to 2 weeks if used in accordance to the instructions.

Wooly Fun | Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made in Nepal

All new Eco-Friendly Dog Toys made from Wool sourced from NZ and hand made in Nepal.

These toys are durable and brightly coloured; they have been dyed with all natural chemical free, human grade vegetable dyes which are AZO free, non-carcinogen, colour fast, and completely safe for your pooch.

These are the most Eco-Friendly Dog Toys on the Planet.

The Wooly Fun Dog Toys are Eco-healthy because they clean your dogs teeth and healthy, exercise their jaws are durable and safe; they are Eco-smart as they contain no chemicals, made from renewable resources and use an Eco-friendly manufacturing process, now that is great news for the planet and your dog.

The range is awesome including Balls, Bones, Rings and Tugs, all available in different sizes to suit many breeds.

The Tug pictured above is fun for multiple dogs, can be thrown easily for fetch games as well, comes in 2 size’s small is 20.5cm and large is 28cm. The Wooly Fun Tug is available in Green (pictured), Magenta and Orange.

The Wooly Fun Ring can be used as a toss and fetch toy, and again comes in 2 Sizes Small 12.5cm and Large 18cm, also available in the 3 colour options.

Wooly Fun Bone is great as a teeth cleaner and the Small 11.5cm is ideal for the little pooches, medium is 16.5cm and large is 21.5cm again all available in the 3 colour options as per the Tug.

Lastly the Wooly Fun Ball, now what dogs doesn’t like a ball?, same great colours as above, and 3 different sizes to choose from; Small 5cm, Medium 7cm (similar size to tennis ball), and Large 9cm, we gave our Labrador the Large and she loved it.

Don’t worry about the slobber either, just chuck it in the washing machine in a bag and air dry.



Rogz Cowboyz | Not just an ordinary Dog Toy

Rogz never fails to deliver on their Toys.

The new awesome Cowboyz are super cool, the combination of Rope and Canvas makes them a versatile dog toy.

Available in 3 sizes and some nice bright colours.

Whats fabulous about the Rogz Cowboyz is they are not just a great toss & Fetch toy, they help clean your dogs teeth keeping them healthy.

The rope head is a ball shape knot, and the flappy legs and ears are made from canvas, a squeaker has been sewn into one of the legs and embroidered googly eyes just add more interest to this Pawsome dog toy.

The Rogz Cowboyz were made to promote a hunting-style exhuberance, just image your dogs delight as you hurl it through the air for them to catch, fetch and bring back to you. They may just pick it up and flick it from side to side cause dogs love to do that!

Don’t worry they are easy to toss just hold onto the fabric legs and the weight of the rope head will get you some distance as you hurl the toy into the air.

So weather your dogs loves to fetch, or prefers a shake toy, has a liking to squeakers or really enjoys a good chew toy, you will be hard pressed to find a more multipurpose dog toy than the Cowboyz from Rogz.


Thank-you Thundershirt from Buster and myself

We had some wild weather here last night in NE Victoria, and Buster our JRT x Mini Foxie wasn’t the least bit happy about it.

So out came the Thundershirt!                        It reduced his stress level from about 500% (give or take a bit – No exaggeration – really), down to a manageable level, and allowed me to be able to cook tea without having a dog try to clamber up my leg, seriously this dog puts his arms around my legs and has a good crack at it, he may just have some Monkey in him.

We have used the Thundershirt on him for a couple of years now; it has been a real sanity saver not only for him but for us as well.

This Thundershirt has also been used on Charli our female JRT x Australian Terrier, she has a problem with visitors, especially if you’re Male, wear a Hat and/or are wearing a fluoro workers vest, so tradesmen really don’t stand a chance with her.

So when we know someone is coming that fits any or all of the criteria, we pop on her Thundershirt and instantly she is a calm gentle little dog, no one would ever know that she is a ferocious tiger in disguise – Thank-you again to the makers of the Thundershirt.

So with more wild weather due as the seasons change, I guess we will be giving this wonderful product a real workout, then we can maintain a calmer Jack Russell Terrier in our home – I can get more work done, not that i mind any interruption or excuse to stop work and cuddle my dogs.

New Tastybone Dog Chews Now available

D4DOGZ is proud to be stocking the new TASTYBONE dog chew.

The only dog chew that has the flavour right thru, these are not merely coated, they are impregnated with natural flavour the whole way so the flavour goes on and on and on.

TASTYBONE is the UK’s No.1 manufacturer of Nylon, edible and rubber chew, and play toys for dogs.
Designed and made in the UK, they are stocked and recommended by vets worldwide.

With 6 Varieties you are sure to find a suitable one for your dog.

Tastybone Flexi Range, was designed for light to medium chewers, great for teething puppies, this dog chew is chicken flavoured.

Tastybone Gourmet edible Range, suitable for light chewers, full on flavour and just the best chew if your want to really spoil your dog, perhaps for a Birthday! Four fabulous flavours to choose from Duck, Pheasant, Stilton, and Venison Yummo.

TastyBone Mega, The big daddy of the dog chews, a massive sized bone designed for giant breed dogs, this thing weighs over 700g, two delicious flavours Beef or Chicken to choose from. Should stump the strongest Chewers.

Tastybone Nylon Range, these dog chews are available in three sizes to suit toys to large breed dogs, choose between Beef, Chicken or Lamb flavours. and again the flavour just goes on and on and on until the very end of the dog chew toy.

Tastybone Rubber Trio, Not just a Vanilla flavoured Chew, this one is bouncy, with the odd shape it will produce an erratic bouncing motion when thrown to the ground. Two dog products in one, you just got to love that!

An lastly The Tastybone Trio Bone Chicken Flavoured, a dog chew with unique nubs for dental care, the design same as the Rubber Trio bone, will encourage your dog to chew on this toy to promote good dental hygiene.

Happy 8th Birthday Buster

Happy 8th Birthday to our first little man. Buster

You have given us so much joy, many, many laughs, a few heartaches & stress! BUT most of all an inspiration to start the very best online dog supply store in Australia.

You certainly took us by surprise in those first few weeks!

But you taught us so much about owning a tenacious little terrier.

We love you.

Being the very reason we started our online dog supply store , we would like to thank-you for all the antics – Oh there has been many! The love – the love every minute of the day! & the Reason – The reason we love our online store.

You have tried and tested many dog toys for us, the ones you destroyed in seconds we decided weren’t worthy to be a part of our Dog Toy catalogue! although you had fun shredding those dog toys to bits and then testing our Dyson Vac to it’s very limits.

Buster you have helped us choose many of the dog treats we now stock at D4DOGZ, we know you love the Calf Tails, Roo Tendons & lamb ears dog treats, which you seem to savour every mouthful.

We love the Hamish McBeth Dog Collar you wear so much that after 4 years we bought you another one slightly different colour BUT Still the same style, you look so dam handsome we didn’t’ want to change.

We know you love love your ROGZ dog bed, you look so comfy in it, even when we call you up to our really soft & luxurious lounge for a cuddle you just lift your head and go ….mmm it ain’t worth the move … loving my position right now!…

We could go on Buster…. BUT we love you!. You have changed our life THANK-YOU .. Love from Mum, Dad and all the team at D4DOGZ

Dog treat recipes for the festive season

Dogs just LOVE treats and what better than baking your own yummy dog biscuits to treat your pampered pooch.

We have a delicious recipe for dog biscuits and if you want to make them extra special drizzle some melted carob or yogurt over the top.

This dog treat recipe has all the delicious taste of a Chicken dinner that your dog is going to go wild for.


Ingredients of the Chicken dog biscuit:

1/2 Cup of vegetable oil, 120g mince Chicken, 30g finely chopped celery, 230ml chicken stock ( no onion please ), 4 cups of whole wheat flour, 2 cups of cooked rice ( whole ground if you prefer ), 4 tbsp of dried sage ( I have used fresh from our herb garden )

Directions on how to cook the Chicken dog biscuits:

Preheat oven to 17 degrees C

Heat small amount of oil in frying pan over med-high heat. Add Chicken and Celery stir often, until the meat is cooked ( about 3-4 minutes ).

Place cooked chicken and celery and rest of oil in blender with the stock and puree.

Combine the flour, rice, chicken mixture and sage into a large bowl and mix well.

Roll out the dough onto a floured board to approx 6mm thick, cut out your desired shape or if you don’t have a cutter use a knife to cut out shapes.

Place your dog biscuits onto baking trays and bake in your oven at 170 degrees C for approx 30-35 minutes, Turn your oven off and leave dog biscuits in the oven for at least 3 hours or overnight if you prefer.

This Chicken dog biscuit recipe makes approx 60-70 dog treats.

To make your dog biscuits even more delicious for your favourite pooch (or pooches), simply melt some Carob or Yogurt drops from our online store over the top.

These dog treats once covered would make wonderful Xmas gifts for all your family and friends as well and if you don’t have time to back dog biscuits you can always get some from our online store.

Beef Dog Treats

Dog treats produced from Beef are one of the most popular and rewarding treat to give your dog.

Not only do they love the taste Beef is really good for them, Beef dog treats Provide essential iron, zinc and vitamin B12.

Our Beef Dog treats are all grown, produced and made in Australia, from pasture fed cattle now you have to be happy with that.

Pasture fed cattle produce leaner beef containing healthier types of fat including Omega 3, they are free from any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, just pure Australian beef made into delicious dog treats.

Beef liver as a Dog treat would be one of the most popular, your dog will more than likely be offered Beef Liver when visiting the vet, weather they accept it or not is generally a reflection on the situation not the dog treat offered. Even our Labrador won’t be fooled by the vet with dog treats and she eats (inhales) anything.

One of our most popular dog treat at D4DOGZ with our customers is the Beef Tendons, they are a chewy treat that’s lasts longer than most. Charli our fussy dog treat eater really enjoys these and the two JRT X’s will take a little over a half hour to devour one, Not the lab its about 3-5 minutes!

Beef Jerky is a great dog treat it’s chewy and can be cut into smaller portions so you can control the amount given, they last about 5 minutes with the small dogs which is not too bad. Beef Jerky is just meat and is high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates. Being Chewy this dog treat makes a great teeth cleaner.

We stock many more different varieties of Beef Dog Treats, all of which are from Australian Grown and produced Pasture fed Beef.

Winter dog clothing sale starts now

Its that time of year again! We have reduced the price on most of our winter dog coats & Jackets.

Its time to grab a bargain before they all disappear, prices start at $14.00 for a Driza-bone dog coat! Now that’s got to help the budget.

We have only just started winter and it is getting pretty chilly around Australia now. So a Dog Coat can help keep your precious Pooch cosy & warm especially on early morning walks.

At D4DOGZ we have many different styles of Dog Coats, from the basic Oilskin type made right here in Victoria, to super fancy Dog Jackets for the Diva.

One of my favourites is the Coco Wool dog coat this style is fabulous for dogs of all shapes & sizes, we have sold Dachshund owners this dog coat and it fits really well. I love the colour it has a 60% wool shell & 90% wool lining, so it is nice and warm.

We have a very limited amount of Puppia dog Jackets left in stock, these have hoods and one style the hood can be removed when not needed, colours of Pink & Black to suit both male & Female dogs, they are heavily reduced so great bargains to be had.

If you are looking for a really practical dog coats then you can’t go past our Oilskin coats with adjustable cross over straps under the belly and a Velcro adjustable strap at the neck, you can get a nice fit.

So with discounts of up to 80%, you can’t go wrong with D4DOGZ’s Dog Coats & Jackets this winter. Buy now

High Viz – A new concept in Dog Toys


Did you know that dogs can see only two colours of the colour spectrum?
Dogs do not see colour the way us humans do. Dogs can only view two colours of the visual spectrum, Blue-violet and yellow.
This is due to the fact that dogs’ eyes possess less than one-tenth the concentration of cone cells than that of humans.

That is right, your four legged friend has trouble identifying objects (and dog toys) that are any colour outside of blues and yellows.
Just imagine if you couldn’t properly see YOUR favourite form of entertainment!

Why the concept of High Viz dog toys

In order to make life a little easier and little more fun for our four legged friends a range of High Viz dog toys were developed. High Viz features technology based on proven science to revolutionize the way in which dogs play with their toys. Designed specifically for the canine eye through vivid colour palettes and high-contrast patterns, High Viz toys are super fun and easily identifiable for your four-legged friend!

Now available at D4DOGZ is a range of High Viz dog toys.

The Astro Ball – It’s no wonder why they named this dog toy the Astro Ball.
The unique football shape with fin design allows it to soar through the air with ease. Once it lands, its unique shape and design allow it to bounce, wobble, and roll unpredictably.

The Whale Torpedo dog toy – (sometimes called the Shark Torpedo) features a large soft head with big eyes and a toothy smile. High contrast overlapping circular patterns are used throughout the fins and body to provide maximum visibility. The unique design is a cross between a ball and a stick which makes it easy to throw and retrieve. A nylon rope tail (on the large) & neoprene tail (on the small) enables users to easily pick up this dog toy with minimal slobber, and also makes it great for tug-of-war! Neoprene construction allows it to float in water for outdoor play at the pool, river, lake, or beach

This is just two of the dog toys in the High Viz range of 8 available at D4DOGZ. Pricing is from $9.95 to $13.50, so these dog toys are real value for money.

Please note these Dog toys have been discontinued and no longer available