Collar HM Hamish Red

A delightful collar celebrating the little terriers that we all adore. White dogs cut out from red leather.

Size Information for Hamish Mcbeth Dog Collars
Size 5 (2.5cm wide) 39-47cm - 1 Left

Handcrafted Leather Collars
Beautifully designed leather Collars by Hamish McBeth, they take pride in their design and ergonomics of their Collars, which are colour fast and durable.
Your Dog deserves a finely finished leather Collar which will stand out amongst the crowd when going on walks.

Safe Leather
These Collars are made only from Vegetable Tanned hides.

Vegetable tanned leathers are low allergenic, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and safe for you and your dog.

Many companies still use chrome tanning methods which is highly toxic, can cause skin irritations, unsafe for leather workers and eco-unfriendly.

We promote vegetable dyes as environmentally and socially conscious, as there are no harmful toxins used in the process.

Be a responsible Dog Owner and use only accessories that are safe for your Dog

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Collar HM Hamish Red Size-5 Collar HM Hamish Red Size-5